• Xingfa County Chemicals Plant was established, the starting-point for Xingfa Group.

  • ntroduced the 1st set of production equipment & facilities, with a per year production capacity of 1,500 tons of Yellow Phosphorus.

  • Production of Sodium Tripolyphosphate begins; XINGFA is regarded as one of the earliest Sodium Tripolyphosphate manufacturers.

  • Production of Sodium Hexametaphosphate begins.

  • Production of Phosphoric Acid (Food Grade) begins, with an 8,000 ton per year capacity and is the 1st professional production line of its kind.

  • Xingfa County Chemicals Plant initiates an alliance with Xingshan Hydropower Professional Co. Hubei Shuanghuan Chemical Group Co. decides to launch a new company called Xingfa Group (abbr.) by directional collection of funds.

  • Due to the Three Gorges Dam Construction, Xingfa Group qualifies for provisions and programs for Immigration & Relocation. Preparations are made to update the Baishahe Chemicals Plant with technologic innovation to increase production capacity.

  • One is that together with Xingshan Tianxing Hydro Group, to conduct combination & integration.

    XINGFA is newly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) as “Xingfa Group” under Stock Code: 600141. Integrates with Xingshan Tianxing Hydro Group.

  • Yichang Xingfa Chemicals Group Co. LLC was established and became the controlling shareholder for Xingfa Group after taking free transfers of state-owned shares held by Xingshan County Chemicals Plant (the former controlling shareholder)

  • Began to conduct “Stepping-out” Development Strategy in regional cooperation with Shennongjia Forestry District and Baokang County.

  • Set up the Technology Center and acquired Yichan Chulin Chemicals Co.

  • Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Import & Export Co,. Ltd. was established.

    Construction began on the Yichang Fine Chemicals Industry Park in Xiaoting District, Yichang City.

    Reformations were made to non-tradable Shares, Yichang Xingfa Chemicals Group Co,. LLC together with other 13 related companies paid for 14 million non-tradable Shares to shareholders who hold tradable Shares.

  • Invested in the Exploiting Project of the Ⅳ Block in Wawu Mine.

    After the successful non-public offering of 50 million shares to a select 10 investors, including the controlling shareholder Yichang Xingfa Chemicals Group Co. LLC, XINGFA collected 266.5135 million RMB funds in total, with share issuing prices listed at

  • Preparations began to acquire the Phosphorus Chemicals Industry Assets owned by Gezhouba Chemicals Co. as well as its total shares in Yangzhou Gezhouba Chemicals Co.

    Xingfa Group was identified as a “China National High-tech Enterprise”.

    “Xingfa” trademark was certificated as a “Famous Chinese Brand”.

    Hubei Xingrui Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.

  • Construction for Yidu Xingfa Eco-industrial Park begins in Yidu City, Hubei Province.

    Electronic Grade Phosphoric Acid production begins with a capacity of 1 ten thousand tons per year and Food Grade, 2 ten thousand tons per year.

    Organosilicone Monomer production begins with a capacity of 6 ten thousand tons per year.

  • Implimentation of the Technology Reform Project for ton-class Electric Furnace for producing Yellow Phosphorus begins.

    Yidu Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd invests in the construction of the Phosphorus Fertilizers Project to improve capacity to 0.6 million tons per year.

    Application & registration for the issuing of short- term financing bonds

    Add investment in to Hubei Xingfu Electronic Parts & Materials Co., Ltd for the increase in production of Phosphoric Acid; Electronic Grade to 1 ten thousand tons per year and Food Grade to 2 ten thousand tons per year.

  • Enters the Governance Plate on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

    Received honors of the Model of China National Energy-saving & Emission-reducing in the fields of Petroleum & Chemicals Industry during China’s “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”.

    The platform project of Energy Management Center is established and is awarded as the Model for China National Energy-saving and Emission-reduction.

    Xiangyang Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. and Xingshan Hydropower Professional Co. are established.

    Xinjiang Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. and Xianggang Xingfa Co. are established.

    XINGFA signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement with Wengfu Group. Under the agreement, the two parties would cooperate in the fields of Deep-processing & Resources Integration Utilization in the Phosphorus Chemicals Industry.

  • Issued 69,190,000 non-public shares at 19.11 RMB price per share,raised 12891841 million RMB funds for the acquisition upon the 49% stock rights of Yidu Xingfa Chemical Co,. Ltd, which formerly belong to Xingshan Hydropower Professional Co.

    Received the Honor of China National Technologic Innovation Model.

    Construction on the Xiangyang Xingfa Industrial Park in Wu’an Town, Xiangyang City began.

    Initiated the acquisition of Hubei Yichang Phosphorus Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

    Successfully issued 0.8 billion in total corporation bonds.

  • XINGFA was awarded as the national “Efficiency Frontrunner of Yellow Phosphorus Enterprises in 2012”;

    The Post-doctoral Research Center was approved by the China National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China National Post-doctor Regulatory Commission;

    XINGFA’s mines were named as “National Experimental Units of Green Mines” by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

    Yidu Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd completed the test run of the newly invested projects on the 10,000 tons/year-Production of wet methods refined phosphoric acid, the 2 million-Beneficiation of phosphate mine, the 0.6 million tons /year- Production of ammonium phosphate.

  • Initial public issued 95,344,295 non-public shares to acquire 51% stake in Hubei Taisheng Chemical Co., Ltd held by Zhejiang Jinfanda Biochemical Co., Ltd.

    Gained 100% shares acquisition of the Longma Phosphorus Industry in Weng’an County, Guizhou Province in an effort to encourage inter-regional recombination and integration within the domestic Yellow Phosphorus Industry.

    The 1st phase of SAP program was put into operation.

  • Set up office in Vietnam and established subsidiary corporation in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Issued 0.7 billion RMB of short-term financing, 0.6 billion RMB of corporate bonds, purchased 1 billion of Perpetual Bond. Registered for 2 billion RMB on SCP bills,

    Production of 100,000 ton/ year on Organosilicone, 60,000 ton/year on Glyphosat, 40,000 ton/year on Glycine and 60,000 ton/year on Potash have been put into production in Yichang Park.

    Purchased 50% equity of Baokang Raozhi River Qiaogou Mining Ltd. added 0.2 billion ton on resource reserves.

    Purchased 45% equity of Jiangsu Furtong Chemical Ltd. Made a substantive progress into the organic phosphorus industry

    Completed the acquisition of Anjixing Chemical Ltd. Gained the partial rights of Yangliu Mining, the biggest phosphorus deposit in Asia.

    Awarded as the national “Efficiency Frontrunner of Yellow Phosphorus and sulfuric acid  Enterprises”;

    Awarded as “Model Enterprise of in the chemical and petrochemical industries in 2015”.

  • Issued 0.5 billion RMB of short-term financing, 1 billion RMB on SCP bills, purchased 1 billion of Perpetual Bond.

    Awarded as the national “Efficiency Frontrunner of Yellow Phosphorus Enterprises in 2016”, made it the four consecutive championships on it.

    Awarded as the Energy conservation during “12th Five-Year Plan” period in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

    Jointly established Hubei Zhongke Monglin Science and Technology Ltd. together with Shenzhen Zhongke Investment Management Company and Chongqing Zhongke Business Incubator Limited.

    Purchased 49% equity of Yichang Maple Leaves Chemical co., ltd.

    Completed the expansion project I of Glyphosate, made it the production of 100,000 ton/year.

    Lunched the setting of international standards on rubber fumed silica.